Karen Rosasco, watermedia artist

RSVP (Rosasco's Shenandoah Valley Place)

Starting in 2015, I will teach private 2-person lessons in the Shenandoah Valley, VA and I will phase out traveling group workshops.  Contact me to be included on the email distribution list for more information about RSVP.

Current Work

In my current series of work, I'm using a variety of watermedia in layers to achieve a highly textural and dynamic presentation. After 40 years of painting realistic interpretations of landscapes, florals and architectural themes, I find this new concentration on the relationships between the basic elements of art (shape, value, line, color and texture) to be a more exciting personal approach to art. Methods, materials and themes change, but a consistently good composition and design hold the viewer's eye.

When I Was Young  Faded Glory Abstract 



Silver Medal, American Watercolor Society 2007